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    Water was heated either on the gas stove, or on a wall mounted gas-fired "geyser " heater. * 2002, Alaine Polcz, One woman in the war: Hungary, 1944-1945 : It was here I saw a geyser gas water heater in a bathroom for the first time.Learn More

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    How does a Water Heater Work? There are two types of water heaters: tanked heaters and tankless water heaters. A water heater with a tank takes cold incoming water and indirectly warms it by a gas burner or electric heating rods inside of the tank.Once the water has reached the proper temperature, the water heater stores it within the tank, waiting for you to turn on your sink or shower.Learn More

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    Offering a wide range of gas equipment repairs, such as, gas boilers, geysers, heating and hot water repairs, domestic, commercial & business orientated repairs. We also provide comprehensive fault finding and diagnostic services, to access your current gas installation and identify any possible problem areas.Learn More

  • 5 Most Common Geyser Problems and Their Solutions

    Oct 04, 2021 · Problem # 3 – Gas Boiler Wick Attenuation. When the wick goes out when working in a gas column, it may be due to a low gas supply. This problem can be caused—contamination of the ignition tube dust particles and soot. To solve this, you need to remove the gas column housing and adequately disconnect the ignition tube.Learn More