When History Tells Tales – Historical Facts

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Yes, even history can tell tales. You would often have found so many details that are given on so many websites about what history is and how it has affected our lives. Historical facts often take you down historical lane and give you a total know how of what happened in the past.

Get to know some of the best historical facts and get more enriched.

Did you know that the oldest golf club in the whole world is the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers founded in the year 1744?

Then the fact that the length of Great Wall of China is actually 1400miles long is going to amaze you no doubt. You know that the structure is lengthy, but did you know about the exact length?

Again, “The Warlocks” was the name given to the Grateful Dead.

The telephone book was invented many years back and the first book was only a page and had only 50 names on it.

Ford cars are very popular today. The first of this kind had a Dodge engine! Surprised? Read on for more.

It was in the year 1618, that the first patent was made in the UK. It was the Aaron Rathbone & Roger Burges.

In the Second World War, the first bomb was dropped and there was this elephant in the Berlin Zoo. This got killed in this bomb attack!

A peasant lived for around 25 years in the medieval ages! This was his approximate life span.

Pet crocodiles were decorated with jewellery in ancient Egypt. The owners used to buy this jewellery for them.

Today for a wine and dine meet, the tables are set so grandly and with such elegance. Would you believe that the concept of a tablecloth started with the idea of using it as a towel to wipe after and during dinner? People even used it as a facecloth.

Initially Du Pont Inc was actually a mill manufacturing gun powder. It was situated in New Jersey.

In the battle of Lexington only eight people were killed!

The stars and stripes are so famous in America. But no one actually knows who designed it.

Till today, people discuss the sinking of the Titanic. But till date no one exactly knows how many people died in it.

Napoleon the great leader was around 26 years of age by which time he had even conquered Italy.

In the year 1807 a memorable incident took place. The lighting of the streets in London’s Pall Mall. This street became the first to be lit in such a way by gaslight.

The place where Karate took birth was in India, but later it was followed and developed more by the Chinese.

There is a walled city which dates back to ancient times. This is Jericho which is around 9000 years old.

More than 3,000,000,000 bibles have been sold across the world.

India is the land of mathematics. The number system was invented here. It was Aryabhatta who started the zero. Zero was invented by him.

In the year 1666, there was a big fire in London. Half of the city got destroyed as it was burnt down. There were only 6 people who got injured.

Jesse Owens the American track hero, raced against horses to earn a living early in the 1930s.

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