Weymouth England And Nothe Fort

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Weymouth England is actually situated in the southern part of the County of Dorset, which is on the southern coast of England. Weymouth Bay is said to be part of the English Channel, and is also said to be known by the name ‘England’s Bay of Naples’.

The region of Melcombe Regis shot to fame as the port of bubonic plague. It was called Black Death and entered England in the year 1348. This plague was brought ashore by black rats that were said to be on a ship that had come in and this had devastating effects on the population of England. It is said that almost half of the existing population at that time was wiped out due to this epidemic and this happened within a time frame of only 2 years. Those in Weymouth, Dorset were among the first ones to suffer.

Weymouth England began becoming the port of departure for some of the ships that set sail to America. This passage of Dorset and Melcombe Regis was important since it carried the first ever governor of Massachusetts, John Endicott.

In the year 1751, there was an act that was passed, which subsequently increased the tax that was levied on spirits. This did end up having the desired effect of lesser people drinking; but it did bring another problem along with it – the problem of smuggling. Smuggling became a common occurrence along much of the south coast. Weymouth England wasn’t spared either. There was said to be an extremely notorious gang that operated around the regions of Lulworth and Osmington Mills.

1789 was the year when Weymouth saw its first bathing machine. This was the year when King George III took a dip in Weymouth Bay.

Nothe Fort:

This fort is located at the entrance of Weymouth Harbor and this fort is said to be a labyrinth of outdoor areas and underground passages which provide for some stunning views of what is called the ‘Jurassic Coast’. The structure is built on three levels of sorts and can be easily accessed using the lift available. This fort allows you to have some wonderful views of the displays, the cinema areas and the mammoth guns.

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