Unknown then Popular Today – Some historical facts

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There are many historical facts of the past being vetoed but then they just bounced back into our lives. Read on to know how.

Did you know that in the year 1894, there existed a society called the Royal Society? William Thomson was the President of this society. He said that the radio would die. Five years after he said this, radios started getting manufactured. With around 1 billion radios in use today, and around 33000 radio stations, tuned in, it is intriguing that he even said that it would not exist.

Again, when the Wright Brothers finished their first amazing feat of flying a plane, he had said that it would only be half the length of a Boeing 747 wingspan. He also had said that X-rays wouldn’t succeed. All that he said came false and everything became exactly the opposite.

Again Pythagoras said in the 6th century that the earth is round in shape. At that time no one agreed with him. Then in the 3rd century Aristarchos had said that earth goes round the sun. Even then no one had taken it in the affirmative. In the 2nd century BC there was a person called Erastosthenes who was an astronomer. He measured the distance round the earth. He calculated it to be around 40,000 km. This too was not accepted by many. Ptolemy said that earth was the fulcrum of the universe. But it was only after 1400 years that people believed him.

It was said in the earlier half of the 20th century that the world wouldn’t have as many chauffeurs as cars. So the automobile industry was given a negative tick off. Isnt that amongst the most  amazing historical facts?

The town of Volkswagen was given to Henry Ford II after the World War II ended. Henry Ford did not like the design that the Volkswagen Beetle had. He rejected the idea as a bad presentation. Today there are around 70 million vehicles of the Volkswagen variety that are in production. Then the Beetle came to be one of the famous cars that were sold in the world.

When the telephone was invented it was not given any acknowledgement in the initial fifteen years. People felt it had no utility value. The British Parliament said that there was no need for such instruments as messengers were anyway available. The Western Union also felt that the telegraph could never ever be replaced. The year 1876 saw a memo reading that the telephone had a lot of drawbacks, and had to be rejected as a communication means. When Alexander Graham Bell invited Mark Twain and asked him invest money into the telephone, Mark Twain said he was not sure about its future.

Similarly did you know when trains were invented then Dr. Dionysius Lardner said that this kind of speed travel is not feasible? There are chances that the passengers travelling by such means could die of suffocation. Contrasting details of today where we are living in a world which has trains running at 500 km/hour.

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