Travelling in Libya

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There is a lot for the historical traveler’s soul to explore when in Libya. If you have a liking for antiquities, deserts, ruins and beaches, then Libya is the place for you to plan your next holiday.

Tripoli is perhaps the best place for you to begin your tour of the land of Libya. This region of Tripoli will help you get settled in and get you accustomed to the feel and the culture of this country.

The distances among various regions of Libya are known to be vast and some of the internal areas are known to get very primitive; so it would be advisable to carry bottled water with you wherever you go. Toilet paper is another must.

Stopovers From Tripoli Region:

The seaside city of Sabratha lies around 41 miles away from Tripoli and is known to be located on the busy highway that leads to the border of Tunisia. It is a well preserved Roman city and is known to have the most beautiful theater and is home to a very good museum.

Do Not Miss Out on Leptis Magna:

The most magnificent ruins of the Roman era; the ruins of the Leptis Magna is one archaeological site that everyone MUST visit when they’re in the region.  During its heydays, Leptis Magna was known to be the second largest town that there was in the Roman Empire and it came in second to only Rome. It is considered to be the best ever Roman site that there is in the Mediterranean. There is a large museum which is located right next to the main entrance of the town.

Leptis Magna may seem slightly far away from Tripoli. A better bet would be to stay put at the town of Khoms, which is about 75 miles from Tripoli.

Other Places Worthy of a Visit:

Berber Culture, Jebel Nafusa:
The Jebel Nafusa is a mountain range that lies south of Tripoli. The main area of interest when it comes to the travelers would be the Berber villages and this is where the Berber culture and language is still known to thrive between Nault and Gharyan. This is the region where the older Berber troglodyte houses continue to be found.

Ghadames, Desert Oasis:
This town of Ghadames is well known for its desert architecture and lies close to the borders of modern day Algeria and Tunisia. For the visitors who plan on visiting the traditional desert place, this town of Ghadames should be number one on their list.

Benghazi, Green Mountain Area:
Benghazi is known to be the second largest city that there is in Libya. It is located to the east of the Gulf of Sirt.  It could be called a modern port city and has now become a major commercial center.  It was founded by Greek settlers and retains the feeling of being in Greek land.

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