This Impossibly Clean 500,000-Mile Toyota Prius Is Probably Nicer Than Your Car

Buying this high-milage hero will set you back nearly $11,000

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A used car dealership is South Carolina picked up this impossibly clean Toyota Prius with a staggering 546,896 miles on the odometer, and it couldn’t be more thrilled.

“When the owner saw this car come up he thought the milage was a typo. Then he saw how clean it was he was like ‘I don’t care if we make a dollar on this. We can use it as a runner or sell it. It’s too fun not to buy,’” Randy Kennedy, manager at Southern Motor Company in North Charleston, South Carolina told Jalopnik. “We couldn’t even originally list it on the used car sites because they don’t allow anything over 400,000 miles.”

Kennedy is pretty confident the car was used as some sort of corporate runner right there in Charleston. It’s only had one owner and no accidents, and there aren’t records of it spending any time at a dealership. It doesn’t even seem to have a scratch or dent on it. Despite that, the charging system, the battery and the hybrid set up all work perfectly. There are even newish tires on the car, but what’s really jaw dropping is there interior, which is (charmingly) narrated by Southern Motor Company employee Chad:

“It looks like no one has ever even sat in the back of this car!” he says in the video. Even the color on the leather and fabric interior looks as vibrant as it did when new.


They did manage to get the car listed on the used car sites out there by using a 0 in the milage field. The milage is clearly in the listing however, and Southern Motor Company has already received calls from folks interested in picking up the long haul Prius. The price to get you into a half-million mile vehicle? $10,989 (oh brave new world with such used car prices in it!)

But I get the distinct impression the guys at Southern Motor Company want to hold on to this one anyway. They’re completely jazzed about it and are currently working with the auction website to find out who owned the car originally and hope to update us on just what kind of A-type personality put over 91,000 miles a year on this car while keeping it in perfect condition.


These Prii are quite tough, and even the earlier models can take a beating for hundreds of thousands of miles, like this 2004 example with 303,000 miles on it. The Prius may not be at the forefront of automotive technology anymore, but it certainly remains a damn good car. Whoever picks up this Prius could probably enjoy it for many more miles.