The Ram 1500 Is Getting A 3.0 Liter Diesel

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The Ram 1500 will be first half-ton pickup of modern times to get a diesel engine. Interesting.

We have been happy to see that more and more cars are coming equipped with diesel engines because oil burners seem to provide more efficiency plus just the right kind of torquey shove for the American driving style.

But in a half-ton pickup?

Of course big-ass V8 diesels are regulars in full-size truck territory, but the Ram 1500 is getting a 3.0 liter turbo V6. That might be more of a stretch. The engine is sourced from Italy's VM Motori, which has been supplying diesels to Chrysler since 1992, reports USA Today, who broke this story. The motor is going in the Jeep Grand Cherokee first with 240 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque, but Chrysler has not annouced specs for it in the Ram 1500.


We see two questions here. First, how much of a price premium will the diesel engine be over a gasoline-powered Ram 1500? Second, could this diesel Ram encourage more family car buyers to end up in diesel-powered sedans?

Photo Credit: Chrysler Group