The Pyramids of Egypt – Home To The King Of The Dead

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The Pyramids of Egypt have for long caught the fancy of one and all. Regardless of whether people are there to witness one of the oldest magnificent structures; or there to evaluate its historical worth – the Pyramids of Egypt have held their mystical grip on the world.

Pyramids stand as testimony to the power of the pharaohs who ruled Egypt during the stable central government. These were, in actuality, tombs that were built to house them for their afterlife.

Becoming Kings Of The Dead -

According to the ancient Egyptian belief, when a pharaoh died, he would become Osiris – the king of the dead. The new pharaoh, his successor, would become Horus, god of the heavens. He is also called the God who is the protector of the sun. This entire cycle was depicted by the setting and rising and setting once again of the sun.

Ka – Spirit Of The Pharaohs -

It was believed that part of the Pharaoh’s spirit, which is called his ka would remain with his body. For this reason, his corpse had to be treated well. They also believed that if the corpse didn’t get the care it deserved, then the former pharaoh would not be effectively able to function as the King of the dead. If such a scenario was to arise, the cycle of the new pharaoh and the old pharaoh would be broken, and a disaster would befall the people of Egypt.

Mummify The Corpses -

A catastrophe of this sort would mean bad news for Egypt. In order to avoid such a situation, the people of this region would mummify the bodies of all the pharaohs. Any items that the king could need in his afterlife would be provided for in his tomb – clay vessels, furniture, gold and food would be left there. They would even create representations in the form of doll-like figures of servants. The most remarkable feature of this entire scenario is that the bodies of the Pharaohs would get food offerings a long time after their death as well.

The Tombs – The Pyramids -

In order to shelter the bodies of their former kings, the people of Egypt built these tombs. The Pyramids of Egypt are said to be modeled on the lines of the benben; which is a sacred, pointed stone. The benben is symbolic of sun rays, and according to ancient Egyptian texts, the Pharaohs reached the heavens using the medium of sunbeams.

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