Tamaki Maori Village: Boost your energy from the feast and glimpses

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Located just away from the city of Rotorua, the  Tamaki Maori Village is the gateway of South Pacific in Australia. It is a breathtaking and surprising place that boasts the world of ancient Maori and proud warriors. Tourists throng from far and near to experience and explore the amazing set of attractions in Tamaki Maori Village. Basically, you can join a tour and experience the ancient time of Pre-European lifestyle. This is the best way to get back in time of ancient world and know about their customs and traditions.

Tamaki Maori Village tours are the award winners of Supreme Tourism Award in the New Zealand and the national heritage and cultural tourism awards. What a fascinating experience, when tourists visit such historical place and enjoy their journey by moving back in time. Just a tour and you will be guided with amazing stories that once a reality of the pre-European times. The guided tours help you to know the history, protocols, sights, and of course stories. While traveling by coach to the village, you will find yourself set deeper in the forest within fifteen minutes towards the South of Rotorua.

The traditional welcome ceremony is a fascinating one to experience that signals of your entry into the pre-European village. It will be an exciting experience when you will enter the new world. While moving further, you will see the environment has suddenly changed with some amazing and different feeling. You will be welcomed through the vast crackling open fires that gleam in front of the traditional whare that is the warehouses. Besides this, the sound of early Maori instruments and their activities make an eye-catchy and electric atmosphere.

Towards the heart of the village, you will find the meetinghouse of Rangiatea culture group. It offers an extraordinary glimpse of lots of traditions, songs, performance, and of course the history of the Maori people. While exploring and enjoying the Maori civilization for three and a half hour evening experience, you will be revitalized with their traditionally cooked feast. The feast is very delicious and is completely different from those you have daily. The feast is made on the earthen ovens. By having the delicious food, you will be completely enthralled from the lively entertainment and humor of the hosts.

Well, most of the tourists feel unsafe at such places, but you do not have to worry about. The tours of Tamaki Maori Village have always proved safer and ensure your safe returning to home. Every evening, you can get captivated at the site and enjoy to the fullest by experiencing up to 3 shows each evening. Apart from the Christmas Eve, the Tamaki Maori Village operates its splendor everyday. So just take pleasure from the festivities during night and you will be treated with a banquet of juicy and delicious foods.

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