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Craft a Country Finish
When the time came to apply an authentic-looking old-time country finish to our oak bedroom furniture set, we turned to Robby Pederson.
Choices for Drawer Bottoms - Weekend With WOOD 2015
Learn the differences between solid wood bottoms and plywood bottoms and how best to support them to prevent sagging.
Chuck Isaacson Shop
A video tour of Chuck Isaacsons wheelchair-accessible shop.
Ultimate Sharpening System
WOOD magazine's ultimate sharpening system using three types of sharpening media.
Support-block featherboard
Shop-made accessory enjoys on-again, off-again attraction.
Passing Along the Craft
Over the last six years of fatherhood, I have discovered some ways to share my passion for woodworking with my children.
Don't get burned
Follow these simple tips to avoid a fire disaster.
Rotating Finishing Table
Avoid smudges and sticky fingers with a mini-lazy Susan that turns while you stay put and spray.
What's the best way to store wine bottles?
I’m designing a wine cabinet that when closed looks like a steamer trunk. But I don’t know the best angle for storing wine bottles. Also, what else does such a cabinet normally hold?
Relax! They're not goof-ups, they're... Golden opportunities
How many times have I gathered my material, collected my tools, stepped to the bench and completed a project without making a single mistake? Let me see...
Norm Abram Interview - 2008 IWF
Master Carpenter Norm Abram sat down for an interview with WOOD magazine tools editor Bob Hunter.
Shape Wood Fast with a Spokeshave
This centuries-old tool rounds over edges and cuts clean chamfers faster than you can set up a router to do the same job.
Handling Sheet Goods
Jeff Mertz shows how to safely handle sheet goods in your shop.
How do I remove the burrs from my pipe clamps?
The more I use my pipe clamps, the more “bite marks” I get on the pipe from the tail jaw. Now the jaw catches as it slides. What can I do to fix this and prevent it from happening again?
Building the Splinter Supercar
Joe Harmon, creator of the Splinter, discusses the car, the work process, and his inspiration for building a 200-plus mph wooden supercar.
Stack shelves for easy finishing
Here's how to apply finish to six bookcase sides and edges of the shelves in one sitting.