San Agustin: Rediscovering an ancient archaeological town

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San Agustin is actually a small town in the department of Huila, which is in Colombia and is a famous site for its fascinating pre-Colombian statues. Today, San Agustin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers spectacular landscape along with amazing stone figures to explore. Well, San Agustin is a great place to explore, especially with friends or family, located in South America. You will feel lucky to see beautiful things all around like the sculpture objects, and many other fascinating objects.

To reach at this site, all you need to do is to take a bus from Bogota through Neiva and enjoy the beautiful sights all the way to San Agustin. Besides this, you can also take a bus from Popayan or from the Tierradentro. There are many various archaeological sites that are scattered over a huge area. So the best way to explore the site and grab most of its charm is by taking a leisure walk. While walking you will also get impressed from the scenic beauty around, which is simply pleasant and amazing. Well, some of the local transportation no doubt will help you on your way.

You can also enjoy the site by sitting on the back of a horse. So rent one and enjoy to the fullest. Besides this, many agents also run jeep tours to the far more remote sites, which you can take and make your tour memorable. At the site, you can see:

  • Parque Arqueologico, the major attraction of San Agustin. This site offers many ancient burial sites along with plenty of statues as well as a small museum. It remains of from 8AM to 4Pm everyday and the entrance costs some COP$6.000.

  • The Alto de los Idolos is a far less visited, but worth a lot. It is a small attraction. However, possess equal charm as the archaeological park. This site remains of from 8AM to 4PM everyday and the entrance costs COP$4.000. The views from this park are simply great, but there is no transportation that could take you to and from the San Agustin. Well, you can only transport to the San Jose de Isnos.

  • There are four small sites that are called El Tablon and lies at easy walking distance. The sites boast many beautiful statues worth exploring. Enjoy exploring the Chaquira that overlooks the valley of Rio Magdelena; La Pelota, along with some amazingly colored statues in outstanding state even today; and the EI Prutal. One-day walk is all you need to explore these sites.
  • At the remote north of San Agustin, you can see the Obando, which is a small site along with few of the underground tombs as well as a tine museum where you can experience few of the magnificent pottery.
  • Alto de Las Piedras, Alto del Mortino o del Tigre, Alto de las Guacas, Lavaderos o Naranjos, EI Jabon, Granada, and La Parada, all are the other spectacular archaeological sites, which you should explore at any cost.
  • Apart from the archaeological sites, you can also enjoy some of the beautiful nature that will make your visit even more mesmerizing.
  • This small town also boasts two attractive waterfalls named Salto del Mortino and Salto de Bordones.

At San Agustin, you can also enjoy some of the activities, which will make you enchanted and an exciting experiences.

  • Take a walk to the Alto de los Idolos. For this, you need to leave early, as the walk is too long. On the way, you can visit the Granada and even after this, if some energy remains then take a detour to Alto de las Guacas as well as to Alto del Morino o del Tigre.
  • You can also enjoy the riding activity at the site. Many hotels arrange riding trips to the archaeological sites and also to the nearby countryside. Each five hour trip will cost some 25 000 COP.

Well, in Latin America, San Agustin is considered as among the most significant archaeological sites and is in general the collection of ceremonial as well as burial sites that are scattered to more than 250 square miles of area. The history to this place is still unknown. So some of your questions like who lived at this place earlier, from where did they come from, when they arrived, and what was the purpose of the stone figures that was so expertly carved – will always remain unanswered, as nobody knows. So enjoy the ancient town full of attractions and activities.

Alto del Mortino o del Tigre
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