Are You Curious about the Sacred Mayan Symbols?

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What do you think about the 3000 years old sacred Mayan symbols? A wonder, an incomplete mystery, an area that still needs more findings? Well, whatever it may be, but these symbols are really appreciable no matter how much is known about it. Surprisingly, they were together used to form a single word of communication. One more fact that you and me will admire is that The Maya were among those few ancient civilizations, which invented their own writing symbols and styles, which are original to this Central Native American nation of Mexico.

Although the mysterious and sacred Mayan symbols were first found in 1839, their meaning was known only in 1973.


Below are the most famous sacred Mayan symbols.


Represents strength and holiness regarded as a great sign of power. It was believed that the Jaguar God, the animal form of the God Tezcatlipoca, governed the Mayan Underworld at night, while in the day; he would trail across in the sky from east to west. The Jaguar symbol was the symbol of looming domain in each celestial matter.


Standing for meditative thinking, this Mayan symbol seems to aid in having the inner wisdom. It symbolizes the power of clarity and clear mental focus, which can increase the telepathic power.


Known as zotz in the Mayan language, the bat is regarded as the guardian of the Underworld. It is an uncertain symbol and was revered as it dominated darkness, which was seen as a powerful symbol against enemies. In reality, the Mayans saw good and evil in totality instead of separate aspects of life.


This stands for movement and slow shifting, which says that larger forces work in our life and that the life transitions are to be brought with patience. It actually stands for the movements of the internal thoughts amid which you have to make for desired shifts.


This is a symbol of equilibrium to bring peace amidst chaos and unbalanced things. It tells one to put matters aside until your spirit can bring them to focus for analysis via contemplation. It also stands for surrender and signifies that the physical actions must be ignored while the inner activities are on.


This is a symbol of ascension, clarity, and awareness whose focus can bring enlightenment. According to the Mayans, it is the sun that provide high yielding crops and that it appears during the greatest productivity. In addition, the sun leads to philosophical yield and makes our divinity to nourish on meditation.

Cenotes – The Holy Door to the Underworld

These are water pools linked underground and are responsible for caves, wells, and ponds.
According to the Mayan mythology, the site at which the door for the underworld was seen also held these sacred caves or cenotes guarded by the Lords of X’ibalba. After some 250 millions of years, the changes in sea level resulted in wonderful caves.


This is the holy tree that was believed to be at the center of the Earth symbolizing the top, middle, and underworlds.


Regarded as the healing stone for the body and soul, this stone was important in rituals and jewelry.


This is the symbol of life that was utilized in jewelry and rituals. It was actually a precious stone that has revitalization properties.


This is the symbol of glory found in Mexico and Central America. These crystal skulls are some 5,000 to 35,000 years old believed to have magical and healing powers. Made from a semi-precious gemstone called Quartz, the Maya Crystal skulls are kept in different regions on Earth to balance the tremors.


This refers to a holy energy in form of an egg surrounding all living things according to the Mayans. They believed that even rocks are living things and that the energy of the N’awal indicated whether a person would be feeble or powerful, fit or ill, alive or dying.

It is shown like a half man or animal or a line enclosing a person.

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