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Some of the best read articles are often about the facts around the world. And when it comes to historical facts, then it comes as a universal favourite for those who would want to know about the facts across the globe. These details not only intrigue the mind but also render the reader totally fascinated with this aspect of life.

Please let us know some of the interesting and intriguing historical facts which would also be a good thought for you.

It is said that the great painter Leonardo Da Vinci actually predicted that there would be something like mass use of solar energy way back in the year 1447!

Then did you know that the great predictor Nostradamus predicted his own death ? So when he died in 1566, he already had his 1567 almanac published as he had that much foresight that he knew the time of his death. Strange and unbelievable isn’t it?

In the 13th Century B.C Libya was destroyed by the Egyptians. They were feeling so victorious that they took back around 13,230 penises of the enemies as their prized trophies.

Today there are people living up to 100 years and more. But do you know what the life expectancy rate was in the 1900s? Well, it was just around 47 years. Today with the advent of medical technology, the rate of death has decreased and the elderly are healthier than before. It is a boon in a way, but it went on to be a historical fact.

Priests are that class of people in our society who are held with great reverence. They undergo a lot of personal sacrifice and abstain from many comforts. But this historical fact from Egypt takes the cake. The priests here in ancient Egypt used to pluck all hair from their bodies. This included the hair from the eyelashes and the eyebrows too.

Did you know that it was in present day Florida that the first kind of semi permanent settlement ever was seen? This was sometime during 5000B.C.

Today is an age of technology, emails and quick communication. But it was in the year 1914 that the first coast to coast telephonic communication was established.

Everyone today goes to see the Statue of Liberty. It is a world popular tourist landmark. But did you know that this was actually a gift of friendship which was formed out of the diplomatic connections between France and the United States of America?

Wars have been a major feature of history. Do you know that the shortest war ever fought was between England and Zanzibar whence Zanzibar surrendered in less than an hour in around 38 minutes?

The Titanic is famous today for being the huge ship that sank. But did you know that this ship was also famous for another thing? The Titanic was the first ship ever to use the SOS signal. Strange isn’t it? Today it is remembered for a totally different thing.

More than 92 nuclear bomb cases have been lost at sea. Very interesting isn’t it? But that’s what historical facts are for – To intrigue you and develop your interest to know more.

Historical facts are always interesting to read about. Keep reading for more

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