Renault’s One-Off R5 Turbo Showcar Is the Hot Hatch EV We Need

Renault is celebrating 50 years of the R5 hatchback with a rad as hell electric show car attached to an enormous rear wing.

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A render of the Renault R5 Turbo electric car.
Flares: check. Lights: check. Only one question remains, disco or concept car?
Image: Renault

If you’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of a great album of classic movie, you might get a re-release or a few live performances. But if you’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of a car, what can you do? Well, in Renault’s case, you can dream up a load of wild concepts loosely linked to an iconic model.

The car in question this year is the Renault 5 from 1972, which has turned 50. To mark the momentous occasion, Renault has so far partnered with architectural designer Pierre Gonalons to build a one-off electric R5.

Now, it has teased an incredible looking “reinterpretation” of the iconic R5 Turbo race car, which packs in electric power and a ridiculously large rear wing. I love it.

A render of the rear end of the Renault R5 Turbo electric car.
That rear wing is just ridiculous.
Image: Renault

From the renders shared by Renault on Twitter, you can see those signature flared wheel arches of the R5 Turbo. There also looks to be a monster rear diffuser in there too, which could tie the car nicely to the “legendary sports versions” Renault says it is honoring here.


But it isn’t all retro throwbacks, oh no. Up front, there looks to be a full-width LED light bar, and there are boxy LED headlights and tail lights to fit the design needs of every good EV concept.

What’s more, there also looks to be a gaping hole in the hood. What that’s for we don’t know, as it surely can’t be helping with engine cooling, as the battery packs and motors are likely nowhere near there.


Beyond the teaser images you see here, details of the car are pretty slim on the ground. In a statement, Renault said the “spectacular 100 percent electric reinterpretation” of the R5 Turbo was “inspired by the world of video games.”


The French automaker also said it hopes the show car “will combine outstanding exuberance with high-level performance.”

A render of the front of the R5 Turbo EV concept from Renault.
Those don’t look like practical, family-friendly seats?
Image: Renault

Renault will unveil its new show car online on September 22, before it goes on display in France at the Paris Motor Show.

Then, what Renault does with the car is anyone’s guess. Maybe a rally stage or two, or maybe a hill climb? What would you like to see this retro EV tackle once it breaks cover?