Quick facts and Trivia about Arizona

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Arizona is a state of United States that is located in the southwestern part of United States. This is the sixteenth most populous state of the United States. With Phoenix as the capital this is a place worth seeing and gives ideal travel pleasures. There are interesting facts and trivia about Arizona.

Arizona has a law that states that no person would be denied the chance to get employment because of non membership in a labour organization.

Did you know that the Arizona tract is seen only in Arizona?

The official state flower is the saguaro cactus blossom blooming in the months of May and June. The saguaro is incidentally the largest American cactus.

Arizona is the leader in the production of copper.

The state neckwear is the bola tie.

The official state fossil is petrified fossil.

The official state tree is the Palo Verde. It means green stick and usually is a yellow gold colour and blooms in the months of April and May.

The official state bird of Arizona is the cactus wren. This is a bird that grows seven to eight inches and builds nests to protect the thorny plants in the desert.

The official state gemstone is the turquoise and this has a kind of waxy coating that is found across the entire state.

Arizona is also the place where you would find the Grand Canyon National Park.

Arizona has its official state mammal. Do you know which it is? It is the Ringtail. This small fox like creature is around two and a half feet long and is a greatly shy animal and is in the nocturnal category.

There is the Capitol Building here which has a copper roof. The amount of copper in the building is equivalent to 4,800,000 pennies!!!

Arizona has the Mountain Standard Time perennially. However in Navajo nation, daylight saving time change is followed. This lies in the northeastern part of Arizona.

The USS Arizona is a battleship that was named respecting the state of Arizona. It was launched in the year 1915 from the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Arizona has had many countries reigning here, so the Castilian and Burgundian flag, the Confederate flag and the Mexican flag has flown here earlier.

Arizona got connected to other eastern states with the help of the Southern Pacific Railroad sometime in the year 1926.

Copper is the most abundant natural resource found in Arizona. The Queen of the Copper Mines, Bisbee is situated in the Tombstone Canyon.

Arizona has its own official amphibian. It is the Arizona tree frog. This is around two inches long.

Arizona has had the history of its towns closing down due to reduced populace. The town of Jerome is an example. This town was once a rowdy copper mining town. The population came to as low as around 50 because the mines closed here. This happened in the year 1953.

There is a bridge here in the Lake Havasu City. For this the original London Bridge was shipped stone by stone and built again.

The tallest fountain in the world is found in Arizona.

You get lovely multicolored corn here in the Hopi Indians in Arizona.

The oldest Indian settlement of the United States the Oraibi is here in Arizona and was founded by the Hopis Indians.

Arizona with such trivia and facts has remained an intrigue for all tourists. Visit this land and get enchanted in its surroundings.

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