Police Purposefully Crash Head-On Into Woman's Car Only to Realize She Wasn't Their Suspect

The woman had two children under 6 years old in the car and had given birth via C-section days before.

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Screenshot: NBC Washington

The victim of a head-on crash perpetrated by a member of the Fairfax, Virginia Police Department wants to see the officers involved at least fired after they slammed into her car head-on over the weekend because they thought she might be a suspect in a crime.

Jamee Kimble, who had just gone through a C-section days before the crash, was taking her one-year-old and five-year-old as well as another friend to Walmart to pick up groceries when Fairfax police converged on her vehicle. One officer steered their patrol car directly into the front of hers. Police then pointed weapons at the women and demanded they exit the vehicle. From NBC Washington:

When they reached the intersection to turn left into the Walmart parking lot, Fairfax County patrol cars suddenly converged on Kimble’s car. One cruiser struck the car head-on.

“It was just so shocking and mind-wrecking,” Kimble said. “Everything happened so fast that when I didn’t realize what was going on he had already hit us.”

Officers handcuffed Kimble and her friend, and put her kids in a police car.

“I don’t know what protocol is, but they drew their guns at me and my friend from both sides of the car,” she said.


“I still am very angry and, more than anything, hurt because I teach my children that the police are supposed to protect us, and that if they need anything they can call them for help,” Kimble told News4.

In addition to the shock, Kimble said she was still healing from a c-section birth just days earlier.

After Kimble was detained, officers determined she was not connected to any crime.


“This was a very traumatic situation, and for a long time, probably forever for me and my 5-year-old, this will forever affect us,” Kimble said.


Police told NBC they were responding to reports of a dangerous vehicle filled with armed individuals from Arlington County police, though no lights or sirens were turned on by any of the cruisers before or during the encounter. Police say the cruiser hit Kimble going 10 mph. But if you’ve ever had major abdominal surgery, however, you’d know 10 miles is all it takes to cause truly significant pain and harm. Not to mention the children in the car, who could have been seriously hurt even at low speeds. Instead of physical ailments, Kimble is understandably worried that at least the five-year-old child is emotionally scarred by the ordeal.