Peterhof St Petersburg

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Peterhof Palace is one of the most rewarding attractions in the city of St Petersburg. The palace is also known as Petrodvorets. It is a historical complex of buildings that stands in testimony not only to the rich architecture of Russia, but also the illustrious history and the power of the Russian Empire.

Peterhof St Petersburg has a number of palace buildings within the complex. There are some heavenly palace gardens as well. These were commissioned by Peter the Great. Peterhof was used as the official summer residence of the emperor. The royalty lived in the palace in St Petersburg.

Peterhof St Petersburg is today a museum. It is one of the most visited attractions in St Petersburg. There are so many interesting sights and displays. The museum displays have been housed in the summer residence of Peter the Great since nineteen eighteen. In nineteen ninety two, Peterhof was proclaimed as a world heritage site by the U N E S C O.

The palace started being constructed in the year seventeen hundred. The palace, the park as well as the tiny port here were constructed around this time. The port is used for ships sailing to the island of Kotlin.

Peterhof Palace is known as the capital of fountains in the world as there are so many beautiful fountains here. It is often referred to as the Versailles of Russia. The parks and gardens of the palace are especially beautiful.

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