Nijo Castle

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Nijo Castle (Nijo jo) is one of Japan’s most amazing castles. It was constructed in sixteen three originally, and was intended as the official residence in Tokyo for the first Tokugawa Shogun.

Nijo castle went under several names in the past, and is a historical monument. There are two fortification rings. Ninomaru Garden and the Ninomaru Palace as well as a moat surrounded area in the interiors.

Ninomaru Palace is the most notable location in the interior of the castle grounds. The Nightingale floor is one of the most fun places inside the castle. The Uguisu Bari, its name in Japanese, is called the nightingale floor because the wooden floors are designed to squeak and creak and generally make a lot of noise when someone steps on them. The wooden floor leads to the grand chambers and intruders can not enter them without making the floor squeak like a nightingale.

The detail and attention devoted to the architecture at Nijo Castle is simply exemplary. There sliding doors before the audience rooms were where the bodyguards of the shogun stayed.

The gorgeous traditional Japanese gardens are another must visit. You must visit Seiryu-en Garden especially. The garden is home to more than eight hundred stones, as well as the original tea house that was part of the original structure. This dates back to sixteen hundred.

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