Mithila – An Ancient Indian Kingdom

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Mithila was the capital of the kingdom of Videha which existed in the Indian subcontinent in the ancient times. Although Mithila was the name of the capital city, the name was used for the Videha Kingdom as a whole too. The modern day regions that come under the Videha Kingdom are also referred to by the same name. The city of Mithila has been identified to be located in Janakpur, situated in the Dhanusa district of Nepal.

Janakpur  . . .

Janakpur is described to be the seat of King Janak, ruler of Mithila for many years very long ago. This was described in Ramayana, the sacred epic of the Hindus, by Valmiki, the Indian saint and author. The city was decribed as the capital by Tulsidas, another saint. Janakpur is now situated in present day Nepal.

Dhanusha . . .

Dhanusha is close to Janakpur. It is said that the Sita – Swayamvar, or the selection process for a groom for Sita took place here. It was here that Lord Rama described as having broken the “Pinaka”, the famous bow of Shiva. This was how he won the hand for Sita.

Sitamarhi . . .

Sitamarhi is a district in Bihar. It is placed on the bank of river Lakhandei, which is the tributary of Bagmati river, and is located about fifty kilo meters from Darbhanga. As said in Ramayana, Janak is said to have found the Sita as a girl child in a ploughing field. When Sita was found, the yearlong drought and famine of the region of Mithila came to an end.

Ahilyasthan  . . .

Ahilyasthan is located in the district of Darbhanga in Mithila. As Lord Rama was on his way to Dhanusha for the Swayamwar gave freedom to Ahilya from a curse that had her turned into a stone.

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