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Most of the historical facts are results of events or experiences of people which have been repeated over a period of time. These historical facts are interesting and intriguing and give us a lot of reason to want to know more about the world.

It is not a coincidence that the radio was invented. In the year 1892, there was a farmer by the name of Nathan .B. Stubblefield. He belonged to Murray in Kentucky. He hit upon this dubious idea of transmitting his own voice. Creating a box with two ends open he asked his friend Rainey to hold one end and listen on it. Stubblefield then hollered “HELLO RAINEY” down the box and Rainey heard it. The system of sound transmission began leading to the invention of the radio gradually.

Northern Ireland is a well known region today. It has the best attractions and a lot of history to talk about. It is today also famous as the place that has witnessed the maximum disputes.

Kashmir, the mini paradise on earth is in the northern part of India. People from across the world come to visit this heaven on earth and go back with tales to cherish for a long time. Isn’t it strange that this heaven is today a hell for the people here? With the amount of violence and terrorism that the place has witnessed, Kashmir the little blooming bud in northern India has been nipped harshly and is testimony to a lot of social unrest. So the heaven to the world is going through hell.

Historical facts from Greece talk about the heron of Greece who is supposed to have actually started the invention of the steam engine. Sometime in 50BC, he invented this. But the leaders of that period believed that any kind of social change would affect the economy of the people. They felt that the presence of the steam engine would deprive many of employment and they were not very much for the change. Thus the invention never got any recognition and was accepted at a much later date. Otherwise we could have labeled the invention of the steam engine to as ancient a period as 50 BC. Strange but true.

The entire world is fond of cartoons and if we mention cartoons, then Mickey Mouse is a favourite. But did you know that historical facts have that this famous cartoon character had a history behind it? Sometime in the year 1906, J. Stuart Blacton, created an animation movie by the name of “Humourous Phases of Funny Faces.” This was incidentally the first of its kind. Then in the year 1919, Walt Disney had collaboration with Ub Iwerks, and designed the animation of the cartoon characters giving birth to animated movies. After a series of cartoons, Walt Disney the company started in the year 1923. Then sometime in the year 1927, Walt got the idea of creating an animated mouse and named him Mortimer Mouse. Walt’s wife Lillian insisted that Mickey would be a better name than Mortimer and the name Mickey Mouse was coined. Thus started the legend of Mickey Mouse.

Then there is the other fact about how Thomas Young, an aspiring scientist discovered and published the proof of the theory of light interfering with the wave theory of light. This happened sometime in the year 1801. Intriguing but true historical facts continue to interest our intellect today.

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