Le Connasissance de la Monde – Know your historical facts

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Let’s get some facts straight. Yes, there are so many of them to be straightened and known about. History around the world, just gives us a good chance to know what has happened in the world when we weren’t born and weren’t around.

For example did you even know that Cleopatra was Greek and she wasn’t from Egypt neither was she an Egyptian? Strange isn’t it. And then the great hero Che Guevara actually suffered from asthma?!!

Then there is the most intriguing historical fact about how the new flag of Canada was unfurled in the year 1865 in Ottawa. It was the flag with the design of the maple leaf.

The queen of England was actually working as a mechanic in the British Military when she was 18. Yes, even the mechanical profession thus got the Royal Touch!

The Civil war was a catalyst for many movements, actions and deeds. The use of counterfeit currency was one such incident. There is about 40% of the US Paper Currency which was counterfeited before the Civil War got over.

Today we brush our tooth with the best of toothpaste and we don’t even know what chemicals are added in it. But did you know that in ancient times, people in Rome used to brush their teeth with human urine as the main ingredient in their toothpaste? Strange? But it is true.

Then there was Jackie the baboon who made it as a private in the army of South Africa during the First World War.

In the year 1945, there was a B-25 airplane bomber which crashed in the 79th floor of the huge Empire State Building.

Historical facts often quote how pilgrims do not eat with forks. They used either their fingers, or knives or spoons but not forks. Confused? Get your historical facts straightened!

This is one of the historical facts that would beat everyone. Did you know that the Great Dictator Adolf Hitler actually had only one testicle? For all the power he executed and he exhorted, this world famous man was roaming around with just one testicle!!

The great painter Leonardo DA Vinci could not write properly. He had a problem of dyslexia. He many a time used to suddenly start writing backwards!!

Bayer is a company which manufactures the Aspirin Drug. This is the same company today which marketed the heroin drug once.

Have you ever picked your tooth with a toothpick after a great lunch? Well even the Romans used to do it, but it was with the quill of a porcupine that they used to do it. Yes porcupine quills as toothpicks were used in ancient times.

While the whole world was fighting in the World War II, then it was getting rice from Uncle Ben.! Uncle Ben is the rice provider of the Second World War.

This one would beat all the historical facts of the world out of our mind. Cleopatra married both her brothers!

Metal was not readily available during the Second World War so the Oscar ceremony saw the idols being given out made of plaster!!

Historical facts are many and unlimited in supply and source. Know them and enjoy the history of the past.

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