La region orense And the Churches

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La region orense or Orounse is said to be the only land locked province throughout Galicia. It is said to be the least touched by foreign visitors; but do not let this little fact deter you from visiting the province. The magnificence of the old town and the monumental buildings encapsulated within should help you get in touch with the history that this region has to offer. Do not miss the ancient bridge that is known to span over the River Mino. It is said to be about 2000 years old.

San Martino Cathedral

This cathedral was said to be constructed during the rule of a king called King Alfonso. This was during the days of the Middle Ages. It is said that an ancient Suevian basilica was known to stand at the very same spot, before the cathedral came up here. A lot of notable architects of the times (since the 12th century) were said to be involved in the process of building this structure. It is for this exact reason that the structure is known to encapsulate a number of different architectural styles. The noteworthy features include the Portico del Paraiso (it translates to Door of Paradise), which is similar to the Portico de la Gloria, the door found at the famous Great Cathedral of Santiago. The Capilla del Santo Cristo, which is known to be built in the Baroque style, is another notable feature. Most of the other parts of this structure are characteristically Gothic, Renaissance, Neoclassical or Romanesque.

The cathedral is built in the shape of a cross and is known to have 3 naives of sorts which are separated by the pillars in between them. These eventually fall into the shape of a crucifix with double arches. The length of the cathedral is said to be about 84 meters in length and the structure has been called a National Monument since the year 1931.

An extremely interesting feature of the main part of the chapel is the reredos (the screen on the back of the altar), which is known to depict a number of scenes with Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and this reredos is known to date back to the 16th century.

la region orense and Churches

The cathedral is an important and notable feature of the province. But in addition to this, the province boasts of some churches that are commonly known as Iglesia or Igrexa.

Iglesia de Santa Maria la Madre

The church of Santa Maria la Madre is said to be a more recent construction, when compared to the other structures around, since it was built in the 18th century. The frontal aspect of the church is what will grab your attention at first. The intricacy of the carvings on that baroque façade is enough to get your mind racing about the amount of time, patience and effort it must have taken to churn out a beauty like this one.

Iglesia de Santa Eufemia

This is another church that is built in the baroque style and has about three naives and an altar that is best described as being spectacular. This church is known to possibly have the best façade among all the churches of Orense. The main façade is three dimensional.

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