Ireland’s Historical Ruins

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Ireland is home to a huge number of historically significant ruins that are of particular interests to history buffs. There are a great number of ruins that are of significance with respect to history. Make sure you incorporate all these in your travel itinerary.

Glendalough . . .

Glendalough is located in County Wicklow, and was a monastic settlement that was established in the sixth century by St Kevin. St Kevin was at that time searching for a place that had enough isolation and tranquility to set up a monastery. The forest and lakes at the site makes for a truly spectacular destination.

Skellig Michael . . .

Skellig Michael is situated close to eight mi the coast at Iveragh Peninsula. It is devoted to St Michael the Archangel. Accessing Skellig Michael may get a bit on the challenging side, as the climbs and steep and the ocean waves steep.

Clonmacnois . . .

Clonmacnois is among the premiere artistic and religious sites in the country. Clonmacnois is a must visit site while you are in Ireland, It is also a pilgrimage spot, and was established sometime in the mid 5th century.

Inishmurray . . .

Inishmurray is an island that is placed off the Sligo Coast. The monastic ruin is awe inspiring in the best sense of the word. The walls here are circular and offer some of the most panoramic ocean views. This is one site that is definitely worth the trip. Mae sure you do a good bit of research as well.

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