How Dare MotorWeek Call This 2005 Gallardo Drive a 'Retro Review'

There's no way 2005 was that long ago. If it was, that would mean I'm old.

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2005 Lamborghini Gallardo
Screenshot: MotorWeek/YouTube

If you like cars, you like MotorWeek. Period. John Davis is a saint, and anyone who says otherwise is automatically excommunicated from the Cool People Car Club. Enjoy a life of terrible opinions and no friends, hater. You no longer have a place among us, the correct car enthusiasts.

That said, just like every other outlet, MotorWeek isn’t perfect. Sometimes mistakes are made, and there’s nothing wrong with talking about them in a respectful, level-headed way. In fact, it’s healthy for car enthusiasts to criticize something that’s obviously not right. This time around, it’s pretty serious, too.

Yesterday, MotorWeek uploaded its video review of the 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo. Except someone mistakenly listed it as a “Retro Review.” Which is insane on its face, I know. Is John Davis trolling me? Is this a personal thing? What did I ever do to offend you, John? If you want to talk, I’m sure we can work this out.


There’s simply no way 2005 is far enough in the past for it to count as retro. I’m not going to bother counting how many years ago it was, but surely, it’s only a couple. Yeah, I was still in high school back in 2005, but I’m still young. I could still be cool if I wanted to be. There’s no way I’m old enough for a car I was obsessed with in high school to be a retro review. There just isn’t.

The video itself also contains some weird inconsistencies. I remember the Gallardo being a supercar, but when MotorWeek tested its zero-to-60 mph time, it took 5.1 seconds. That’s significantly slower than a Kia EV6. In what world is a Lamborghini slower than a Kia? Something is clearly wrong here, and I can only hope MotorWeek figures out who’s behind all of this and fires them.

2005 Lamborghini Gallardo | Retro Review