Historical Facts that you should know

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There are so many historical facts in the world that are interesting, intriguing and very informative. Let us know some of them.

For example if your pupils dilate when you are facing someone you love, apparently the pupils dilate when you are facing someone you hate too.

There are many things that have been invented by women. These include fire escapes, bullet proof vests, laser printers, windshield vipers etc.

Did you know this historical fact that donkeys actually kill more people than plane crashes can kill?

Another historical fact is that there is this woman who has this dubious distinction of having got 69 children. This woman was a peasant, who lived for 40 years and in this span she gave birth to around 16 twins, 4 quadruplets and 7 triplets.

Did you know that fingernails grow faster in the winter season? Isn’t it surprising that the human body is a storehouse of such intricate details.

Again the sport Tae Kwon Do has been around for six decades and is quite an ancient sport.  There are around 409 escalators in the London city in the subway. These escalators cover a distance every week which is equal to around several trips round the globe.

Do you like to sing? Then you should know that it is not possible to hum if you have a nose that is completely blocked.

There are so many relationships that begin and end with love. Did you know that one in every five relationships begins with the partners getting involved with other people?

Whenever there is a new love and someone looks at him, then the neural circuits that are linked with these are normally linked to the social judgement are not allowed to bloom.

There are various personalities that make up a couple. Did you know that these personalities converge over time to good partners and these partners start looking and getting to be more similar?

Have you heard the whirring sound that comes from an ATM and then you money pops out? Well, this whirring sound is actually an in built recording. The actual working lies so far behind that we can’t hear it.

All homemakers have a tough time, controlling and safeguarding the house from getting dusty. Did you know that most of the dust that you find below you bed is your own dead skin?

These days SMS is the norm of communication. The “X” sign is the symbol for a kiss. Did you know that the sign came because in the olden days when people were illiterate they did not know how to sign? So they used to put an “X” and then kiss it for sincerity. So the letter X became a symbol for a kiss.

A glass breaking is such a common incident. Did you know that these cracks move at the speed of around 3000 miles per hour?

Shells are a wonderful piece of decoration. When we place a shell to our ears, we hear a roar which sounds like the ocean sound. This is not the ocean sound but the blood rushing through the veins in the ear.

The world populace is increasing every day. Did you know that there are at least 120 million sexual intercourses that are occuring across the world?

When a couple gets a new born then the parents lose around 300 to 400 hours of sleep in the first year of their birth. This amounts to more than one night’s sleep per week for each parent.

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