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Some of the historical facts round the world really intrigue you and make you wonder how the world could be so interesting. These facts are something that tickle the mind and refresh the brain.

For example did you know that Canada has the most number of lakes in the entire world and that in France there is a place called Y? Yes, just the alphabet Y.

Then again that the Alaska University actually spans over four different time zones is a very interesting fact and Tasmania has the cleanest air across the world. Amazed? Then get ready for more.

In Australia there are around 150 million sheeps but only 20 million people inhabiting the country.

Did you know that there are more than 30 African nations that have more cell phones compared to the number of the land lines those countries?

There are more. Proms which are so much a part of the Western culture are not found in schools in Japan. In Bangladesh for five dollars you can go across the country or buy beer!

Have you ever wondered what the name Singapore means? Well it means the Lion city. Singham in Tamil means lion and Ooru means place. So the place of the Lions equals Singapore.

We all know Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. Do you know what it means? Well it means “Good Air.” Similarly Kabul has a special meaning – “Hump backed” and Thailand has the beautiful Bangkok which means the “city of angels” and Madrid the Spain capital means “place of abundant water.” Paris, France’s capital means ‘the working people” and Kuala Lumpur means the Muddy River. Seoul the capital of Korea means “capital”. The capital of China Beijing means “Gate” and Japan’s capital Tokyo means Eastern Capital.  In the year 2002, there were no billionaires in China and in the year 2007, there are around 106 billionaires.

Did you know that 90% of the phone lines in North Korea are shut down since April 2005?

Niger in Africa has a fertility rate of around -7.1 children per mother. There are around half of the newspapers in the world which are published in the Canada and United States.

A whopping 203 million dollars or more are spent on just barbed wire every year in the United States of America.

The US government spends on average over 20,000 dollars for each household.

The oldest European settlement is in Saint Augustine in Florida in North America. Did you know the Lion City Singapore has only one train station?

10 % of the national income of the United States comes from organized crime and the world’s energy has United States using up one fourth of its total capacity. In South Korea, the youth under 20s and 30s die mostly due to suicide which is the main cause of death for youngsters there.

You have heard about Iceland. But did you know that the maximum number of Internet users per capital than any other country in the world. It is around 86% and is more compared to around 69% across the world in U.S.

So these are just some of the interesting facts about countries around the world. In this article we haven’t even scratched the surface as far as these interesting info are concerned.

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