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Historical facts are such fun. They give you an insight of the world that was and the fact about that aspect of history you wouldn’t have thought of. Let us read some of the historical facts around the world.

For example did you know that the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was founded in the year 1744 and this is incidentally the oldest golf club in the world?

Were you aware that the Great Wall of China is around 1,400 miles long? Then that the Grateful Dead were initially called the “The Warlocks”?

Read on to know how the first telephone book had only 50 names in it! Yes, just imagine what the world was. We all know about Ford Cars. But did we know that the Dodge engines were the first kind of engines in the Ford cars? Those days the car rode on Dodge Engines>? Strange isn’t it?

Today patents are so common. But the first patent was in the United Kingdom and it was the Aaron Rathbone & Roger Burges, Map Makers. This was in the year 1618.

Bombs are a part of History. But did you know that the first bomb dropped in the country of Germany in the Second World War killed only one single elephant in the zoo in Berlin?

Then again you would surely have heard about London’s Pall Mall. But did you know that this was the first street that was lit by gaslight and this too in the year 1807?

There are so many examples of walled cities in the world but the oldest one is Jericho. It is around 9,000 years old.

The holy book Bible has sold so many copies. But it has also sold around 3, 000, 000, and 00 across the world.

In the year 1666, there was a huge fire in London. In this half of the city got burnt but do you know the number of who got injured? Six!

The Olympics is an international event and universal sports meet. But in Greece, in ancient times, a woman couldn’t watch it. If she did, she was instantly executed.

All of us like soft drinks. Pepsi Inc. is one such soft drink company. In the year 1999, Pepsi Inc paid 0.00 dollars in income tax.

You have flown to so many countries and you would have tasted the exotic salads you get on air. In the year 1987, in a bid to save money, American Airlines eliminated the olive from its First Class salads. Do you know the amount they saved? Around 40,000 dollars!

Any student or any individual interested in such games would surely be a lover of the Rubik’s cube. Everyone would love to solve it. But did you know that there was a high school student who solved it in around 22.95 seconds? This was in the year 1982.

Saddam Hussein was gifted a key to the city of Detroit in the year 1980. Stranger things happen in the U.S. Did you know that in the year 1976, there was a LA secretary by the name of Jannene Swift? She actually married a rock in a major ceremony. More than 20 people witnessed this ceremony.

In Egypt in ancient times, if a surgeon lost a patient while operating him, then his hands would be cut off.

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