A Trip down Boston’s History

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The Boston Common

The Boston Common covers almost fifty odd acres of the land of Boston and ends up standing witness to a lot of history that has unfolded itself on these beautiful green fields. This park is perhaps one of the oldest in the country; and is today considered the start point for the famous ‘Freedom Trail’.

The Boston Common is, today, the main point in the Emerald Necklace. The Emerald Necklace is the name given to all the beautiful parks of Boston city that get intertwined with each other.

The Boston Common began as a pasture land for cattle way back in the year 1634.This wasn’t, however, the only purpose that this land served. It was also witness and home to a number of public hangings; and this continued until the year 1817.

In the year 1830, they banned the entry of cattle into this area; and since then, this area has been serving the purpose of being a public park. It is also home to a number of historical monuments.

The Parkman Bandstand

This was built in the year 1912, in honor and memory of George F. Parkman, who in his lifetime, bequeathed roughly around 5 million dollars purely for the sake of park maintenance in and around Boston.

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument

This structure at the Flagstaff Hill was built to honor the Civil War troops. This monument which was erected in the year 1877 was designed by the architect and sculptor, Martin Milmore.

The Robert Gould Shaw Memorial

This monument is located at the edge of what is the Boston Common; and is placed in such a way that it is bang opposite the Massachusetts State House. This relic is symbolic of the 54th regiment; which was the first fully free black regiment that ever was in the Union Army.

The Brewer Fountain

This was donated in 1868 by Gardner Brewer. The best part about this monument is that it is an almost exact copy of the fountain designed by Lienard, a French artist who built a similar fountain for the World Exposition in the year 1855; which was held in Paris. This bronze fountain is decorated with the figurines of mythical characters like Galatea, Acis, Amphitrite and Neptune.

The Central Burying Ground

The Boston Common houses what is a graveyard; and is perhaps one of the oldest graveyards of Boston. It is called the Central Burying Ground and houses the graves of many an American and British casualties from the Battle of Bunker Hill which was fought in the year 1775.

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