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Did you know about some of the fascinating facts that you would never have thought about?

For example in the year 1901, Johan Vaaler patented the paper clip. It is said that he is the inventor of the paper clip. There are drawings that belong to him where his designs are shown and they go back to the year 1889. He was in Norway. At that time there was no law for patent in Norway, so he had to apply for the patent in the US and Germany. So Johan Vaaler born on March 15, 1866 is said to be the inventor of this humble paper clip in the year 1899. There were many designs that followed after this. Some of the designs are the non skid, ideal, gem and the owl brand. The Gem Clip started as the first double oval clip sometime in the 1900s.

Did you know that the 6 billionth individual in the world took birth in the year 1999 on a Sunday on the 18th of July in the night at 1.24a.m?  Also the United Nation had already set that target on the 12th of October 1999.

Again did you know that every second there are around 5 people taking birth and 2 people dying? So in short there is a gain of around 3 people. So the world population is going to become double after 40 years. So there would be around 12 billion people living after 40 years. 24 billion in the next 80 years and around 48 billion in the next 120 years? Strange but true. So if there is proper family planning then our birth rate could below. In this matter it is education that matters. And almost half the entire world population is around 25.

In 1000AD the population of the world was around 400 million. Gradually in the year 1750 it became around 800 million people, then 900 million in the year 1850, and in the next 50 years it became 6 billion. So obviously in the next 50 years the population would go up to 9 billion. So there is likelihood that there could be a decrease in population.

Also it should be understood that due to continuous medical advancement, the mortality rate is high and there are lesser deaths than births. In the 1900s one in ten people lived in cities, today one out of two people. This is a substantial increase.

Did you know that the world has seen lesser famines than before?

Did you know this fascinating fact that around 200 million couples make love, and around 400,000 babies born, 140,000 people die and around 25000 lose their lives because of starvation?

Did you know that the World Population day is on July 11?

One of the most fascinating facts is about the espresso coffee. Did you know that a cup of drip brewed coffee contains around 115 milligrams of caffeine? But a percolated or espresso coffee has around 80mg. Instant coffee has around 65 mg of content of caffeine. Again did you know that decaffeinated coffee is not entirely devoid of caffeine? It contains around 3 mg of caffeine.

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