Ease Into the Weekend With Classic Alfa Restoration and Jazz Guitar

Bonus points for a soft-spoken British accent and 105-series drop-top goodness.

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The Duetto Spider Project is “done”

It’s Friday. It’s been A WEEK, let me tell you. What I could use, and I’m sure you could too, is a series of videos featuring a soft-spoken British man fixing 105-series Alfa Romeos in a garage in South Africa.

“But Kyle,” you say. “Where will you find such a specific thing on the internet?” And the answer, friends, is, of course, YouTube, and specifically the channel of one Jethro Bronner. His uploads aren’t super frequent, but they’re always good and always relaxing to watch. Plus, classic Alfas are amazing. I should know; I owned one and drove it daily for years.

In this particular video, Bronner replaces some carburetor chokes and venturis in the Weber carbs on a delightful 1,750-cc twin-cam motor. Like all jobs on Alfas of this era short of swapping spark plugs, it looks deeply unfun, but what is life on the internet if not enjoying a little automotive schadenfreude?


Watch till the end to see Mr. Bronner flog this little Duetto Spider with much gusto. If you’re not already familiar, these driving scenes will show you just how spectacular the Alfa twin-cam four-cylinder engine truly is.