Durcal, Andalusia, Spain – Living History

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Durcal is a historic town situated in the Lecrin Valley. This is among the most fertile regions in entire Spain. The naturally formed valley due to the river makes for a significant advantage for irrigation and for mills. The beauty of the region is evident the moment you step into this town.

The orange and lemon grooves swing along to the smooth breezes that bristle over the mountain range of Sierra Nevada. This is actually a part of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, and is situated at more than seven hundred and fifty meters above sea level. The region has its own distinctive microclimate.

Durcal in its past, like many towns in Spain, attracted the Moors and was dominated by them. The culture has also been benefited by the influence of the Moors. The entire area and the valley have a history that dates back to the Paleolithic era. The rich heritage of Lecrin is given testimony to by the numerous old remains and ancient churches here.

Durcal is a region popular with tourists of several genres. This is inclusive of a number of history and archeology buffs, tourists who come here to experience the culture, the natural beauty and a lot more.

As summer makes space for autumn, skiing season will soon begin on the exquisite mountainside. Durcal has a moderate climate and ensures a climate as low as 23 ° C in summer to 7 ° C in winter.

Durcal is a region that makes for among the most complete of travel destinations. There is literally everything, with a dose of culture, history, nature, activities and more. The range of cuisines on offer here is another reason to celebrate the experience and wash it all down with the local ‘mosto’ wine.

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