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Did you know some strangest historical facts?

For example the famous farmer Nathan B. Stubblefield from Kentucky and in Murray performed a transmission voice much before anyone else did. He gave a box to his friend Rainey .T.Wells telling him to walk a little away from him. Wells after some time heard a voice echoing from the speaker – Hello Rainey. This was the beginning of the invention of the famous radio.

That in Northern Ireland lies a great history, which is brief and after thousand years today is the longest people’s dispute zone?

That Kashmir in the Indian subcontinent though a paradise on earth is known as the Heaven on Earth but actually is hell for the people living there? With its unpredictable terrorist attacks and incessant violence, this once upon a time paradise land is today a hub of lot of aggressive activity thus proving to behell for its residents.

In the year 1903, Orville Wright took the Flyer built by him and his brother Wilbur. This later on went to become the first flight. But there were two people Richard Pearse and Gustave Whitehed who were experimenting with flying machines. It was actually them who flew in the sky much before anyone. It is still a controversial historical fact today.

Do you know about the historical fact that Thomas Crapper found the toilet? This was sometime in the 18th century. It is said that there was a Mr. Crapper who was a plumber in that time. But it is still not clear who invented the toilet.

Again in the year 50 BC, Heron found the steam power. But what happened then later became a statement. These leaders of that time thought that the steam would lead to lack of jobs and unemployment and this would lead to social disturbances. So they ran out of steam. These are historical facts about some untimely inventions.

Who hasn’t heard about Mickey Mouse? It is said that the fist animation movie was the “Humorous Phases of Funny Faces” which was made in the year 1906. American J. Stuart Blacton was the one who made it. However in 1919, the cartoon series “Alice in Cartoonland” was produced by the combined production company of Walt Disney and Ub Lwerks. This led to be one of the first animation films leaving the earlier one behind. Disney found the company in the year 1923 and Walt decided to start an animated mouse with the name of Mortimer Mouse in the year 1927. Lillian who was his wife told him to change it to Mickey Mouse. “Plane Crazy” was a film in which Mickey was shown first then there was the “Galloping Goucho”. This was in the year 1928. Then Disney started its first sound based film “Steam boat Willy” which had the voice of Walt as the voice over for Mickey Mouse. Then the movie “Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs” was the full length animation movie made in the year 1937 which also won an Oscar award.

Aren’t these wonderful unfounded historical facts?

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