Dachau Concentration Camp: Stories never to be forgotten

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For the people who are really curious to explore something that is more than incredible and not less than breathtaking then the Dachau Concentration Camp is the best option. Dachau was actually the first concentration camp of Germany that was started in the year 1933 due to the prisons that were overflowing with people, which the government did not like. As they did not have sufficient money to build the prisons or the additional, they simply relied on the Dachau Concentration Camp for executions and further processes.

The reason behind using this camp was just they do not wanted to waste money in building the prisons as they already do spent lots of money in the War on Drugs. It was the Nazi’s who built the work camps such as Dachau and is idiosyncratic, as something was here that the Eichmann, Hess (the SS personnel) was trained for work in the newly considered camps like Auschwitz. The famous name Pastor Martin Niemoller, who was at the beginning supported Nazis, was ended his life at this camp in the year 1938.

The site is very big and will take nearly one hour if you continue to walk and explore the camp. One thing that should be considered before heading to this site is that, you should have enough courage and patience to explore and witness something, which was happened in the past at the site. No doubt, you will feel quite sick, as the camp is the site where plenty of people ended their life. Nearly 30,000 prisoners, out of which 1,173 prisoners were German, used to live at this place upon liberation in the year 1945. The area is systematically evocative of a vast public high school presumptuous that the public school had an Arbeit Macht Frei gate, which is original, a gas chamber that was never been used, or a Krematorium.

The original barracks at the site is dating from 1965, the time when this camp was built into a memorial and was very badly decayed. The headquarters of the camp is today functioning as a museum. Head to the Cantabrigian and you will see the most familiar figure of Dr. Siegmund Rascher. Well, this is the person who did some of the horrible medical experiments that involved freezing people in the cold water or air and then annoying to warm them with the hot water. Besides this, the man also tortured people to the high altitude simulations and continued the same until the die. Well, all he did just to get his PhD. So just ask this question to yourself, whether this person was really cruel?

The Dachau Concentration Camp was established in the year 1933 and was the first regular camp that was established by the Nazis in the country like Germany. The camp lies on the grounds of a deserted arms factory that is close to the medieval town of Dachau. It in fact, lies at a distance of some 10 miles towards the northwest of Munich, which is in the state of Bavaria that could be found in the southern Germany. A guided tour to this area, will give you immense amount of information about what has happened earlier at this site with the innocent people.

A trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp will always be memorable and of course, cannot be comparable to any other sites or places in the world. While taking the guided tour, the stories they’ll say are never to be forgotten.

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