Coba – Another Forgotten City

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Cancun, Mexico is famous for its ancient Mayan sites. There are many sites that are world famous such as Chichen Itza as well as Tulum, but archeologists and discerning travelers in the know would recommend you to visit Coba, a forgotten city of the Mayans. The city is located quite deep in the Mexican jungle, and is a large complex with winding roads and stone structures.

The remote location ensured that the city remained unfound by archaeologists until the 1920s. It is also not excavated to a large degree. The cultural value of the site is slowly being realized. The local government also had a modern road constructed to the site in the 1970’s which has made it more accessible. Tourists come here quite often nowadays.

The Stone Pyramids of Coba are the most famous attraction here. The Coba area was inhabited and was farmed in as far back as six hundred BC. The city started rising into prominence in the Mayan Empire by the 1st Century AD. It was one of the main Mayan cities, and was densely populated.

The majority of the development Coba city took place between the sixth as well as tenth centuries, same as most Mayan cities in Mexico. The main pyramids and temples were also constructed at this time. The ancient city of Coba had a population of more than fifty thousand, which is quite substantial considering the time. A majority of inhabitants remained in the city as late as when the Spanish Conquistadors arrived.

Coba is significant for the Sacbeob. These are a series of ancient stone roads that were quite advanced examples of the Mayan mode of transportation. The well defined paths show the ancient model of the urban grid system here. The pyramid of La Iglesia is one of the most notable structures in Coba. It stands at a height of more than 136 ft. The top of the stone steps here offer a brilliant view of the stone steps.

Conjuto Las Picturas or the Temple of the Paintings is another famous sight in Coba. The multi level pyramid here has remnants of multicolored murals from long ago.

Coba is such a rewarding experience most of all because it has retained that ancient allure and feel that greeted the archaeologists. Much of the site is exactly how it was when it was founded. The development in the surrounding areas is also just the bare minimum. This has preserved the charm of the region.

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