Chiclayo, Peru

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Peru is a country that has been blessed with a vast array of historical attractions. The country was the ancient land of numerous cultures, the Mayans being only one. The remains of the settlements of these cultures are definitely what make the country a remarkable destination.

The Northern Coast of Peru is home to the Valley of 26 Pyramids. The civilizations have really left for the world some incredible architectural achievements. The city of temples and squares were constructed by the Lambayeque in the eleventh century. The Chimu civilization conquered the temple a century later.

A few miles from the Pacific Ocean, stands the Moche Temples of the Sun and the Moon, exquisitely decorated with engravings and motifs. This is close to the five hundred acre complex known as the Chan Chan. This was actually the capital of the Chimu Empire. The city was known as one of the most prosperous and largest cities in the ancient times.

Another rewarding sight would be a few miles to the east of Chiclayo, a modern city. The Moche Tomb of Sipan is located here. It is actually the richest tomb found anywhere in the western hemisphere. There were gold artifacts and ceramics that were exquisitely crafted and designed. These artifacts are on display at the Museum of the Royal Tombs, which is among the finest in entire South America.

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