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    Chiclayo, Peru

    Posted in South America | August 9, 2011
    Peru is a country that has been blessed with a vast array of historical attractions. The country was the ancient land of numerous cultures, the Mayans being only one. The remains of the settlements of these cultures are definitely what make the country a remarkable destination. The Northern Coast of Peru is home to the Valley of 26 Pyramids. The civilizations have really left for the world some incredible architectural achievements. The city of temples and squares were constructed by the Lambayeque in the eleventh century. The Chimu civilization conquered the temple a century later. A few miles from the Pacific Ocean, stands the Moche Temples of the Sun and the Moon, exquisitely decorated with engravings and motifs. This is close to the five  [...]
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    Chavin De Huantar, Peru – A Legacy 3000 Years Old

    Posted in South America | July 12, 2011
    Chavin De Huantar is a Peruvian archaeological site situated at a lofty height in the Andes Mountain Ranges about two hundred and fifty kilo meters to the north of Lima. The Cordillera Blanca mountain Range is situated to the west of the site. Chavin de Huantar is the remnants of an olden culture that is among the most ancient in the whole of South America – The Chavin People. The culture reigned for close to a millennium here. Experts believe the historical site to have been built somewhere in the vicinity of 1500 BC and has served as the base for the Chavins right until their civilization ended in 300 BC. This was years before the birth of the first Inca. The most vibrant period of the civilization was from 800 BC to 300 BC, when the Early  [...]
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    Kuelap – Another Machu Picchu

    Posted in South America | May 24, 2011
    Kuelap has been called the “Machu Picchu of north Peru”. The site is just as significant as the latter, and is the biggest collection of stone masonry in the entire South America. Kuelap is a series of four hundred and fifty stone homes that overlook the Amazon basin. The site was built by a civilization that existed even prior to the Incan people. The exact time is about 800 AD. This makes the site older even than Machu Picchu. Kuelap is situated in the department of Amazonas in the Gran Vilaya Valley, Chachapoyas. The area is blessed with a subtropical climate and eternal spring weather. At the point just before the entry of the Amazon River into the Amazon River basin, the river has carved out a canyon that is of larger depth than the  [...]
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    Choquequirao – A Lost Inca City

    Posted in South America | May 10, 2011
    Choquequirao is among the lost cities of the Incan Empire, and is situated on a crest that overlooks the River Apurimac. A number of structures part of the site have some simply breathtaking sheer drops down the valley that add a good bit to the awe inspiring effect of the ruins. The buildings are known as the Outlier Buildings, and three sides having the sheer drop off right into the Apurimac Canton. The ruin area of the site is filled with a huge number of impressive stone work and masonry that is simply one of the most notable points about Choquequirao. Even though Choquequirao is bigger than Machu Picchu, the latter has more buildings, and only thirty per cent of the buildings in Choquequirao have been unearthed enough for visitors to  [...]
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    A historical adventure in Guatemala

    Posted in South America | July 27, 2010
    The world keeps moving-on faster than I can digest. Move-on, move-on they say. I’d rather sit back and relax. Play-by-the-rules for sometime and then reclaim my life.  I don’t want to grow old before I begin exploring the world. If I wait till then, in all those years that passed-by, I would have learned to sit back and appreciate everything without the streak of adventure. I will have to be concerned about my arthritis, my diabetes and my blood pressure. Traveling for me is more that just seeing and believing! It is eating, dancing, hearing the myths and living by them… In my old age, I might not even have a memory to remember the marvels for more than a year! The world entices me now and today. I was first mesmerized by Guatemala when  [...]
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    Posted in South America | July 26, 2010
    Not much may be known about the Inca Civilization, but one thing’s for sure – the people of Inca were extremely advanced for their age and time in history. About Inca – The Inca civilization is said to have risen in the highlands of Peru, somewhere in the beginning of the 13th century. They began conquering the lands which surrounded Cuzco, which served as their heartland. They ended up creating what was, perhaps, the largest empire during the pre-Columbian era. With even little that remains of these Incan sites today, since the rest of it was plundered by conquerors, it is evident that the people of this civilization knew how to beautify and maintain utility. Let’s have a look at some of the most impressive Incan sites that there were  [...]
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    Posted in South America | June 2, 2010
    La Ciudad Perdida is Spanish for ‘Lost City’. Housed in the depths of the Sierra Nevada jungle, the ruins of this city is one of the largest archaeological finds of the century.  Findings suggest that the city was founded somewhere in the 800 A.D. The location of Ciudad Perdida is known as Buritaca and the Native Americans call it ‘Teyuna’. The city was discovered in 1972, when a group of local treasure hunters found some stone steps leading up the mountain. They followed it, and it led them to an abandoned city which they named ‘Green Hell’. The authorities were notified about the existence of this city when gold figurines and urns from this city began to appear in the local black market. The City Design The Ciudad Perdida is  [...]
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    San Agustin: Rediscovering an ancient archaeological town

    Posted in South America | May 19, 2010
    San Agustin is actually a small town in the department of Huila, which is in Colombia and is a famous site for its fascinating pre-Colombian statues. Today, San Agustin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers spectacular landscape along with amazing stone figures to explore. Well, San Agustin is a great place to explore, especially with friends or family, located in South America. You will feel lucky to see beautiful things all around like the sculpture objects, and many other fascinating objects. To reach at this site, all you need to do is to take a bus from Bogota through Neiva and enjoy the beautiful sights all the way to San Agustin. Besides this, you can also take a bus from Popayan or from the Tierradentro. There are many various archaeological  [...]
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    Live a different life at the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

    Posted in South America | May 17, 2010
    To the tourists or visitors to the Lake Titicaca, a boast trip towards the amazing, breathtaking, fascinating, spectacular floating islands, which is an exceptional tourist destination, becomes a must. The islands are not only made up by the man, but are the main concept provided by the nature as natural destination in South America. The islands were made and were re-made from the totora reeds that offer home, nourishment, as well as transportation for their residents. Just take a two-hour boat ride from the beautiful Puno that lies on the Peruvian side of the lake, and you will be experiencing the largest cluster of 40 islands. Out of all the superb and beautiful islands, the major destination is the island of Santa Maria. For this, you should  [...]
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    Sucre: A beautiful historical city packed with amazing attractions

    Posted in South America | May 5, 2010
    Exploring a historical site full of amazing and breathtaking attractions is the dream of many people on the earth. However, it matters whether those people makes this dream a reality or continues to let it be as a dream. The historical city of Sucre, which is in Bolivia, South America, is not less than a dream. Its fascinating attractions and the sights simply makes an astounding comeback from the past to the modern era. Being a constitutional capital of Bolivia, the city of Sucre is of utmost importance. The city is located at a height of 2750 metres and its lower altitude offer the city a warm temperate climate throughout the year. Visiting the old town of Sucre means visiting the history with new realm and flavor of uniqueness. Sucre was  [...]