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    Interesting facts about Argentina

    Posted in History Around The World | January 3, 2012
    Argentina is a great country in South America and has a history dating back to ancient times. Let us know some of the facts about this fascinating country. It was in the year 1816, that Argentina became an independent country. It got free from the clutches of Spain. It is today the 30th largest country in the world in terms of population and has more than 40 million people living here today. Peso is the official Argentinean currency. Argentina is one of those countries which started radio broadcasting services. It was in the year 1920 that the first radio broadcast was made here in this country. Can you believe it that there were barely 20 receivers for the broadcast in those days? 76 years is the average life expectancy rate in Argentina. Another  [...]
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    Historical Facts that you should know

    Posted in History Around The World | December 27, 2011
    There are so many historical facts in the world that are interesting, intriguing and very informative. Let us know some of them. For example if your pupils dilate when you are facing someone you love, apparently the pupils dilate when you are facing someone you hate too. There are many things that have been invented by women. These include fire escapes, bullet proof vests, laser printers, windshield vipers etc. Did you know this historical fact that donkeys actually kill more people than plane crashes can kill? Another historical fact is that there is this woman who has this dubious distinction of having got 69 children. This woman was a peasant, who lived for 40 years and in this span she gave birth to around 16 twins, 4 quadruplets and 7 triplets. Did  [...]
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    Let’s know the historical facts more

    Posted in History Around The World | December 20, 2011
    Most of the historical facts are results of events or experiences of people which have been repeated over a period of time. These historical facts are interesting and intriguing and give us a lot of reason to want to know more about the world. It is not a coincidence that the radio was invented. In the year 1892, there was a farmer by the name of Nathan .B. Stubblefield. He belonged to Murray in Kentucky. He hit upon this dubious idea of transmitting his own voice. Creating a box with two ends open he asked his friend Rainey to hold one end and listen on it. Stubblefield then hollered “HELLO RAINEY” down the box and Rainey heard it. The system of sound transmission began leading to the invention of the radio gradually. Northern Ireland is  [...]
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    Historical Facts for you to know

    Posted in History Around The World | December 13, 2011
    Historical facts are such fun. They give you an insight of the world that was and the fact about that aspect of history you wouldn’t have thought of. Let us read some of the historical facts around the world. For example did you know that the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was founded in the year 1744 and this is incidentally the oldest golf club in the world? Were you aware that the Great Wall of China is around 1,400 miles long? Then that the Grateful Dead were initially called the “The Warlocks”? Read on to know how the first telephone book had only 50 names in it! Yes, just imagine what the world was. We all know about Ford Cars. But did we know that the Dodge engines were the first kind of engines in the Ford cars? Those  [...]
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    Rendezvous with the best historical facts

    Posted in History Around The World | December 6, 2011
    Some of the best read articles are often about the facts around the world. And when it comes to historical facts, then it comes as a universal favourite for those who would want to know about the facts across the globe. These details not only intrigue the mind but also render the reader totally fascinated with this aspect of life. Please let us know some of the interesting and intriguing historical facts which would also be a good thought for you. It is said that the great painter Leonardo Da Vinci actually predicted that there would be something like mass use of solar energy way back in the year 1447! Then did you know that the great predictor Nostradamus predicted his own death ? So when he died in 1566, he already had his 1567 almanac published  [...]
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    When History Tells Tales – Historical Facts

    Posted in History Around The World | November 29, 2011
    Yes, even history can tell tales. You would often have found so many details that are given on so many websites about what history is and how it has affected our lives. Historical facts often take you down historical lane and give you a total know how of what happened in the past. Get to know some of the best historical facts and get more enriched. Did you know that the oldest golf club in the whole world is the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers founded in the year 1744? Then the fact that the length of Great Wall of China is actually 1400miles long is going to amaze you no doubt. You know that the structure is lengthy, but did you know about the exact length? Again, “The Warlocks” was the name given to the Grateful Dead. The telephone  [...]
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    Historical facts – Go country touring

    Posted in History Around The World | November 22, 2011
    Some of the historical facts round the world really intrigue you and make you wonder how the world could be so interesting. These facts are something that tickle the mind and refresh the brain. For example did you know that Canada has the most number of lakes in the entire world and that in France there is a place called Y? Yes, just the alphabet Y. Then again that the Alaska University actually spans over four different time zones is a very interesting fact and Tasmania has the cleanest air across the world. Amazed? Then get ready for more. In Australia there are around 150 million sheeps but only 20 million people inhabiting the country. Did you know that there are more than 30 African nations that have more cell phones compared to the number  [...]
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    Le Connasissance de la Monde – Know your historical facts

    Posted in History Around The World | November 15, 2011
    Let’s get some facts straight. Yes, there are so many of them to be straightened and known about. History around the world, just gives us a good chance to know what has happened in the world when we weren’t born and weren’t around. For example did you even know that Cleopatra was Greek and she wasn’t from Egypt neither was she an Egyptian? Strange isn’t it. And then the great hero Che Guevara actually suffered from asthma?!! Then there is the most intriguing historical fact about how the new flag of Canada was unfurled in the year 1865 in Ottawa. It was the flag with the design of the maple leaf. The queen of England was actually working as a mechanic in the British Military when she was 18. Yes, even the mechanical profession thus  [...]
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    Historical Facts – Know your world

    Posted in History Around The World | November 8, 2011
    It is important and interesting to know how many intriguing things happen around the world. Know your world better and read about these historical facts happening around the world. For example did you know that Saint Simeon Stylites was a great monk in the 5th century? He became popular as he stood for 37 years on a platform on top of a pillar in the land of Syria. He did this because he wanted to be an ascetic. There have been many stylite saints who have followed this process. There have been many staff that were confined inside the wall with the body of the dead king during the rule of the first dynasty in the country of Egypt. There were animals also which were buried along with the body of the dead king. It was said that these animals  [...]
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    Get enchanted with fascinating facts

    Posted in History Around The World | October 18, 2011
    Did you know about some of the fascinating facts that you would never have thought about? For example in the year 1901, Johan Vaaler patented the paper clip. It is said that he is the inventor of the paper clip. There are drawings that belong to him where his designs are shown and they go back to the year 1889. He was in Norway. At that time there was no law for patent in Norway, so he had to apply for the patent in the US and Germany. So Johan Vaaler born on March 15, 1866 is said to be the inventor of this humble paper clip in the year 1899. There were many designs that followed after this. Some of the designs are the non skid, ideal, gem and the owl brand. The Gem Clip started as the first double oval clip sometime in the 1900s. Did you  [...]