Blip: Peel P50, Toddler Style

I found this old Kindergarten drawing from my kid, and thought you should see it

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Image for article titled Blip: Peel P50, Toddler Style
Illustration: Otto Torchinsky/Peel

When my kid, Otto, was in Kindergarten, he finished some work early and was allowed to turn the page over to draw on it. When I went to pick him up, the teacher showed me the drawing, explaining that they had no idea what it was, and if I had any idea.

I took one look at it, and knew immediately.

“It’s a Peel P50,” I told them, like that explained anything at all to a well-adjusted adult.


But I knew. And boy, was I proud. I think he did a very good rendering of that peculiar, tiny car from the Isle of Man. I even knew exactly what picture he was imagining, and I like how it seems he put it on a road, complete with yellow center line.

That’s my boy.