ANZAC War Memorial

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ANZAC War Memorial is Sydney’s major commemorative military monument in Australia, which was designed by C. Bruce with exterior adorned with monumental figural sculptures and reliefs by Rayner Hoff. It situated at Hyde Park’s southern extremity on eastern edge of central business district of Sydney and is the focus of memorial ceremonies on Armistice Day, Anzac Day and other significant occasions. The ANZAC was developed as monument to World War I’s Australian Force. Fund raising for monument started in the year 1916, the 1st anniversary of New Zealand and Australian Army Cops landing at Anzac Cove for Gallipoli’s Battle.

The ANZAC War Memorial building is constructed of concrete with exterior cladding of pink granite and comprised of massed square superstructure with typically Art Deco buttresses and setbacks. The interior is largely slathered in white marble and comes with dome ceiling adorned with 120,000 gold stars. The eastern front campaigns are symbolized on east portal such as laying of railway, Gallipoli, Army Medical Corps, Army Service Corps, Camel Corps, Light Horse, Infantry, Signal Units, Machine Gunners, the Pioneers and Artillery. The record of AIF on Western Front revealed on west portal are Cycle Corps, Air Force, Army Medical Corps, Artillery, Engineers, Bombers, Pioneers, Infantry and Tank Corps.

Some of the common things to do near ANZAC War Memorial include Gourmet Lunch at Jonah’s by Seaplane from Sydney, Blue Mountains 4WD Day Trip from Sydney and Sydney Guided Walking Tour. You will also find couple of accommodations near ANZAC, these includes Sydney Marriott Hotel, Oaks Hyde Park Plaza and Best Western Hotel Stellar. Some of the speeches are National Ceremony address, 2011; Dawn Service address, 2011; National Ceremony address, 2010; National Ceremony address, 2009; Dawn Service address, 2009; National Ceremony address, 2008; National Ceremony address, 2006; Dawn Service address, 2005; National Ceremony address, 2005 and Dawn Service address, 2001.

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