2023 Acura Integra: This Is It

Did you think the "prototype" would make it to production almost entirely unchanged? You were right

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Photo: Acura

We’ve seen the bright yellow Acura Integra Prototype time and time again since its reveal back in November, but the company has always been careful to stress that last word: prototype. Between the blacked-out windows hiding the interior and the yellow-painted exhaust tips, it was always clear that car wasn’t exactly intended for production. Today, we get to see the real deal.

Acura released the full press kit for the 2023 Integra today, with few surprises coming in the spec list. The engine makes the same claimed 200 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque as the Civic Si, though that car has shown much higher numbers in dyno testing. A CVT is standard, while a six-speed stick with an LSD is available on the A-Spec trim (and, having driven that transmission in the Si, highly recommended).

This is the transmission you want. Get this one.
This is the transmission you want. Get this one.
Photo: Acura

Inside, there’s a digital gauge cluster and your choice of two different infotainment touch screens, both mounted above the dash. The seats look comfortable and well-bolstered, although it’ll take a press drive to determine if they’ll hold you in place as well as those in the Si. The overall interior layout looks very similar to the Integra’s Civic platform mate, and that’s not a bad thing — clean, simple interiors are a plus.

The one thing Acura hasn’t yet revealed is the exact pricing. The starting MSRP is still listed as “around $30,000” with no mention of the extra cost for the A-Spec package — or the manual gearbox it offers. With that $30,000 price point sitting a mere $2,700 above the Civic Si, it’s possible Acura wants to space out the manual-equipped Integra from its Honda-badged brother. Not unexpected, but inconvenient all the same for budget-minded enthusiasts who still want a taste of luxury.

Reservations for the Integra open today, March 10, with deliveries to begin sometime this spring.