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    Get enchanted with fascinating facts

    Posted in History Around The World | October 18, 2011
    Did you know about some of the fascinating facts that you would never have thought about? For example in the year 1901, Johan Vaaler patented the paper clip. It is said that he is the inventor of the paper clip. There are drawings that belong to him where his designs are shown and they go back to the year 1889. He was in Norway. At that time there was no law for patent in Norway, so he had to apply for the patent in the US and Germany. So Johan Vaaler born on March 15, 1866 is said to be the inventor of this humble paper clip in the year 1899. There were many designs that followed after this. Some of the designs are the non skid, ideal, gem and the owl brand. The Gem Clip started as the first double oval clip sometime in the 1900s. Did you  [...]
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    Down the Historical Facts Road

    Posted in History Around The World | October 11, 2011
    Did you know some strangest historical facts? For example the famous farmer Nathan B. Stubblefield from Kentucky and in Murray performed a transmission voice much before anyone else did. He gave a box to his friend Rainey .T.Wells telling him to walk a little away from him. Wells after some time heard a voice echoing from the speaker – Hello Rainey. This was the beginning of the invention of the famous radio. That in Northern Ireland lies a great history, which is brief and after thousand years today is the longest people’s dispute zone? That Kashmir in the Indian subcontinent though a paradise on earth is known as the Heaven on Earth but actually is hell for the people living there? With its unpredictable terrorist attacks and incessant  [...]
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    Unknown then Popular Today – Some historical facts

    Posted in History Around The World | October 4, 2011
    There are many historical facts of the past being vetoed but then they just bounced back into our lives. Read on to know how. Did you know that in the year 1894, there existed a society called the Royal Society? William Thomson was the President of this society. He said that the radio would die. Five years after he said this, radios started getting manufactured. With around 1 billion radios in use today, and around 33000 radio stations, tuned in, it is intriguing that he even said that it would not exist. Again, when the Wright Brothers finished their first amazing feat of flying a plane, he had said that it would only be half the length of a Boeing 747 wingspan. He also had said that X-rays wouldn’t succeed. All that he said came false and  [...]