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    Losing the Trail – Saraswati River

    Posted in History Around The World | September 27, 2011
    Did you know that India was once known as the land of the Ganga Jamuna and the Saraswati? Yes, there was the river Saraswati with which the Indian subcontinent was identified with. Today this River doesn’t exist anymore. Sad , but true. It is said that many many years ago when the rivers were flowing down the slopes of the gigantic Himalayas in India, then the portion of western Rajasthan was very verdant and was fed by these rivers. The rainfall here and the abundance of water gave enough facilities for farming in these regions. Then all this  prosperity and success suddenly met with a disaster – the disaster of the river disappearing. Intrigued? But this is the story of the Saraswati River. This river spread so much scenic splendor and  [...]
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    The Septa Tale – Some weird facts from History

    Posted in History Around The World | September 20, 2011
    Let’s see what are the most bizarre and weird facts from history. Wouldn’t it be interesting to read something new and different? It is said that in ancient times in the city of Rome, the emperor wore purple and only he could wear this color. This is because the purple color was made from a dye that was made from a special type of seashell which was very expensive. If an ordinary person, wore purple  his position was doubted and he was viewed as a traitor as he was believed to have got money through other means. Such a person wearing purple was normally imprisoned, and then executed !! Again in the civilization of the Aztecs, the marital status of a person and his hairstyle were related. Yes, shocked? But this is how it was. The hair style  [...]
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    Afghanistan – The Land of the Minaret of Jam

    Posted in History Around The World | September 13, 2011
    As the River Hari gurgles down the Ghor Province in the district of Shahrakh, anyone would be enthralled by the sight of the Minaret of Jam. Today a World Heritage Site under the UNESCO, this minaret rising up to 65 meters in height is today a magnificent construction, in Afghanistan, and has mountains on all sides that reach up to a height of around 2,400m. Existing since the 11th century, this has been made of baked bricks. The lovely stucco work and the decoration of glazed tiles, has beautiful bands with calligraphy written on them. The Nashkhi and the kufic forms of geometric patterns of calligraphy have been imbibed here and there are Quranic verses here. Forgotten by the public for many years, it was Sir Thomas HOldich who rediscoverd  [...]