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    Khajuraho Temples – A Travel Guide

    Posted in Asia | August 30, 2011
    Khajuraho is a group of temples located in North India. These temples are known best for their erotic sculptures. The meticulously detailed carvings in the temples depict a celebration of love, life and worship. They provide you with a look into the ancient Tantric practices. There are more than twenty temples here that depict sexuality. These temples are built of sandstone, and date back to the 10th and 11th century. There were eighty five temples constructed in total at the time of building, but there are only about twenty remaining now. The temples are divided into three groups depending on their position – Western, Eastern and Southern. The Western Group is home to the major temples, including the magnificent Kandariya Mahadeo Temple.  [...]
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    Castellars de Vilafranca

    Posted in Europe | August 23, 2011
    If you happen to be in Catalonia, Spain, anytime in the summer, try to attend a display by the Castellars de Vilafranca. This is a group of Catalans with a penchant for forming human pyramids of frightening proportions. As a spectator sport, the activity is no less than a great circus. Catalonia is famous for having an obsession with the sport right since the 17th century. There was a Valencian dance known as the Ball de Valencians, which involved a small number of dancers balancing on top of each others’ shoulders. The dance gradually evolved into the popular sport that has people making human pyramids as large as buildings. For the group Castellars de Villafrance, ten floors of people in a human pyramid is a child’s play. Tarragona and  [...]
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    Chiclayo, Peru

    Posted in South America | August 9, 2011
    Peru is a country that has been blessed with a vast array of historical attractions. The country was the ancient land of numerous cultures, the Mayans being only one. The remains of the settlements of these cultures are definitely what make the country a remarkable destination. The Northern Coast of Peru is home to the Valley of 26 Pyramids. The civilizations have really left for the world some incredible architectural achievements. The city of temples and squares were constructed by the Lambayeque in the eleventh century. The Chimu civilization conquered the temple a century later. A few miles from the Pacific Ocean, stands the Moche Temples of the Sun and the Moon, exquisitely decorated with engravings and motifs. This is close to the five  [...]
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    Durcal, Andalusia, Spain – Living History

    Posted in Europe | August 2, 2011
    Durcal is a historic town situated in the Lecrin Valley. This is among the most fertile regions in entire Spain. The naturally formed valley due to the river makes for a significant advantage for irrigation and for mills. The beauty of the region is evident the moment you step into this town. The orange and lemon grooves swing along to the smooth breezes that bristle over the mountain range of Sierra Nevada. This is actually a part of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, and is situated at more than seven hundred and fifty meters above sea level. The region has its own distinctive microclimate. Durcal in its past, like many towns in Spain, attracted the Moors and was dominated by them. The culture has also been benefited by the influence of the  [...]