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    Portugal’s Historical Destinations

    Posted in Europe | June 28, 2011
    Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, may be where most travelers to the country spend most of their time, but the truth of matter is that there are a huge number of locations in the country other than the capital that make for an exceedingly rewarding experience for travelers. There are a huge number of historical attractions on offer if you just take the pain to travel out of the city boundaries. The medieval influences of the attractions make for a fascinating experience for history enthusiasts. Let us look at some of the most rewarding historical locations that Portugal has on offer for its visitors . . . Porto and The Douro . . . Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and was a center for trade in the ancient times. English traders used  [...]
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    Hampi, India – Ruins and Temples

    Posted in Asia | June 21, 2011
    Hampi is a city that is filled with fascinating ruins from the Vijayanagar Empire from the 15th Century. The city has close to five hundred historical monuments all of them dotting the hill and valleys of the location. The city is a stronghold of heritage and has an illustrious history. The glorious history of the region is showcased and born testimony to by the numerous monuments here. There are a huge number of intricate carvings and other marvelous feats of architectures to be seen in this region. The engravings on the various monuments have their own stories to tell of the events that happen ed centuries ago. The city was known then and now as a city that welcomed arts and culture and was a hub for both of these. The ruins of Hampi extend  [...]
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    Mithila – An Ancient Indian Kingdom

    Posted in Asia | June 14, 2011
    Mithila was the capital of the kingdom of Videha which existed in the Indian subcontinent in the ancient times. Although Mithila was the name of the capital city, the name was used for the Videha Kingdom as a whole too. The modern day regions that come under the Videha Kingdom are also referred to by the same name. The city of Mithila has been identified to be located in Janakpur, situated in the Dhanusa district of Nepal. Janakpur  . . . Janakpur is described to be the seat of King Janak, ruler of Mithila for many years very long ago. This was described in Ramayana, the sacred epic of the Hindus, by Valmiki, the Indian saint and author. The city was decribed as the capital by Tulsidas, another saint. Janakpur is now situated in present day  [...]
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    Coba – Another Forgotten City

    Posted in North America | June 7, 2011
    Cancun, Mexico is famous for its ancient Mayan sites. There are many sites that are world famous such as Chichen Itza as well as Tulum, but archeologists and discerning travelers in the know would recommend you to visit Coba, a forgotten city of the Mayans. The city is located quite deep in the Mexican jungle, and is a large complex with winding roads and stone structures. The remote location ensured that the city remained unfound by archaeologists until the 1920s. It is also not excavated to a large degree. The cultural value of the site is slowly being realized. The local government also had a modern road constructed to the site in the 1970’s which has made it more accessible. Tourists come here quite often nowadays. The Stone Pyramids  [...]