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    Tulum’s Ruins

    Posted in North America | May 31, 2011
    Tulum is situated fifteen mi to the south of Akumal and was at one time known as Zama, which literally means “the place of dawning.” Tulum is one of the most notable destinations for history enthusiasts from all over the world. The breathtakingly beautiful landscapes on offer here are another definite advantage. The town is situated at a bluff that overlooks the east Caribbean Sea. The ocean views along with the numerous Mayan ruins make for a great experience for everybody concerned. Tulum was a major city at the time of the Mayans between 1000 AD and 1600 AD.  The city was lived in by none other than the affluent and powerful Mayan citizens. The city was surrounded by a twenty foot wall that prevented invaders from both land as well as  [...]
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    Kuelap – Another Machu Picchu

    Posted in South America | May 24, 2011
    Kuelap has been called the “Machu Picchu of north Peru”. The site is just as significant as the latter, and is the biggest collection of stone masonry in the entire South America. Kuelap is a series of four hundred and fifty stone homes that overlook the Amazon basin. The site was built by a civilization that existed even prior to the Incan people. The exact time is about 800 AD. This makes the site older even than Machu Picchu. Kuelap is situated in the department of Amazonas in the Gran Vilaya Valley, Chachapoyas. The area is blessed with a subtropical climate and eternal spring weather. At the point just before the entry of the Amazon River into the Amazon River basin, the river has carved out a canyon that is of larger depth than the  [...]
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    Turkey’s Best Historical Sites

    Posted in Europe | May 17, 2011
    Turkey has a number of excellent historical sites worthy of interest. The following historical sights can be included in your travel plans. Aspendos Aspendos is home to the agora, the aqueduct, the stadium and the theater. Bergama Bergama has two archeological sites that are  most famous in Turkey. The Asklepion and the Acropolis of Pergamum are listed in the most important hundred sites in the Mediterranean. Pergamum was a capital city of note in the olden times and was constructed atop a hill that stood at 1000 feet. The city has three main portions – the Acropolis, a holy site that was used for cultural and social activities, the Lower city, home of the lower classes as well as the Asklepion, which had the medical center, one of the  [...]
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    Choquequirao – A Lost Inca City

    Posted in South America | May 10, 2011
    Choquequirao is among the lost cities of the Incan Empire, and is situated on a crest that overlooks the River Apurimac. A number of structures part of the site have some simply breathtaking sheer drops down the valley that add a good bit to the awe inspiring effect of the ruins. The buildings are known as the Outlier Buildings, and three sides having the sheer drop off right into the Apurimac Canton. The ruin area of the site is filled with a huge number of impressive stone work and masonry that is simply one of the most notable points about Choquequirao. Even though Choquequirao is bigger than Machu Picchu, the latter has more buildings, and only thirty per cent of the buildings in Choquequirao have been unearthed enough for visitors to  [...]
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    Ireland’s Historical Ruins

    Posted in Europe | May 3, 2011
    Ireland is home to a huge number of historically significant ruins that are of particular interests to history buffs. There are a great number of ruins that are of significance with respect to history. Make sure you incorporate all these in your travel itinerary. Glendalough . . . Glendalough is located in County Wicklow, and was a monastic settlement that was established in the sixth century by St Kevin. St Kevin was at that time searching for a place that had enough isolation and tranquility to set up a monastery. The forest and lakes at the site makes for a truly spectacular destination. Skellig Michael . . . Skellig Michael is situated close to eight mi the coast at Iveragh Peninsula. It is devoted to St Michael the Archangel. Accessing  [...]
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    Dover Castle

    Posted in Europe | May 1, 2011
    Dover Castle is among the largest in the United Kingdom, and was of huge strategic importance in its time due to its location. It is situated exactly at the shortest crossing point to from England to Continental Europe. The Castle has an immense historical significance, and featured in a notable role in the history of the nation. In fact, it retained its military role right until the twentieth century in the Second World War. The castle has its origins in the Iron Age. The ground of the castle has an Anglo Saxon Church and a Roman Lighthouse still located within the grounds. William of Normandy was responsible for the castle/fortress which existed previous to the present one. In 1066, he strengthened the fortifications which were originally  [...]